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The IRS provides a useful tool to track your refund.  Updates are posted every day and the information can be useful in knowing when to expect your refund.




Want to know where you'll stand this tax season?  These are the current IRS tax brackets.


Click here to see important tax dates you should know about. Or if you just want an appreciation of how many deadlines we have to deal with in a year's time, this will give you an idea. 


Helpful links to third party sites.  Search for businesses, get answers to tax questions or get help with QuickBooks.  Also, you can learn more about setting up a file sharing with us!



Need a reminder of deductions? Or a way to organize your tax information? Downloading our worksheets may help. 

Short & sweet version

Long & detailed version


You know the ads that say, "I settled my tax debt for pennies on the dollar!"  Yeah well, we can do that too, except without the bad commercials and false hope.  If you have an overburdening tax debt, and want to discuss your options, give us a call







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